Migration to London Complete!

Hi everyone,

We have finally completed our migration to our new location in London.

Our SSD’s are working great and you will all notice a much faster interface and website load times.

The migration went well with only a small number of customers experiencing mostly email difficulty.

Please note if your domain is using DNS records outside of our network you need to update your A record to our new IP address which is

We want to thank everyone for their patience!


5 thoughts on “Migration to London Complete!

  1. Maggie Page says:

    One of my customers rang me to say that my website is down and only showing an EZEE statement. She stated that she has tried 4 times today to get on the website. I myself have just tried and cannot either get on the website or upload new workshops. This is losing me money.

    Please fix this immediately.

  2. Allan says:

    Please confirm the A Record settings?

  3. Anna says:

    I am trying to get to a local school website and keep getting redirected to this page – can you assist??

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